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Graphic Design

Our team of professional Hong Kong graphic designers and web designers specializes in different areas, such as social media advertising design, web design services, online store design services, product brochure design, logo design, branding design, etc.

Importance of Design

First impression influence is undeniable. Potential customers see the logo at first glance, making it an important element in conveying the company’s brand image. A company logo design must be professional, concise and effective.

Leaflets Design and Typesetting

Due to the relatively large amount of space available, the difficulty with brochure and typography design is that it must be rich in detail and at the same time consistent in typography. An ideal brochure design must incorporate the brand’s identity into the typographic design and give the audience a sense of unified design direction without feeling disorganized.

Social Media Ad Design

Social media promotion is crucial to promote your company’s products or services. You need a professional designer to provide you with a tailor-made design to help you expand your market, bring out the key points of your promotion with a clear and prominent image, and seize the market opportunity.

Logo Design

English letters have fewer strokes, simple shapes, and similar curves and straight lines, so it is not difficult to integrate them into the company logo design. Chinese characters, on the other hand, are square, with many strokes, and must be designed by professionals.

Excellent graphic design is deep in meaning, planted with vision, culture or history. Moreover, it inspires people, making them to think more and deeper. Over the years, we have provided professional tailor-made graphic design service to corporates across different industries, visualising corporate images of clients and their messages to market. The graphics design are widely applied on brochures, product catalogues, leaflets, advertising boards, packagings, websites and so on.